What I Enjoy

For me, nothing is better than photographing the instantaneous moments after getting out of the water during a beautiful surf session. Or capturing construction photography and the people toiling in their work. Or taking my time, composing an image, opening the shutter and recording the expanse of time characterized in a long exposure fine art image.

Surf Photography

Experience the ocean’s power and beauty through captivating surf shots. A surf session is more than just a rider and a wave. Duck dive into the story with me.

Construction photography in Chicago and Illinois

Construction Photography

Discover the intricate dance of steel and stone. From towering equipment to the hands that build our world, witness the art of construction come to life.

Aptos California Cement Ship fine art photographer Daniel Mekis

Fine Art Photography

Journey into a world where photography meets artistry. Simplicity, minimalism, and time. Each frame is a story, each shot a masterpiece.

My Latest Work

Some recent photos of surf, construction and landscapes on both digital and film. While I’ve shot on Sony for years, I’ve picked back up a few 35mm film cameras, and a medium format film camera that I have been falling in love with.

Daniel Mekis self portrait photo at Salt Lake Utah

Award Winning Construction Photographer

Daniel has created a collection of award-winning construction pictures, where the intricacies of building meet the art of photography. Experience the craftsmanship through lenses that have garnered prestigious accolades.

construction photography award winner Daniel Mekis

Three Time Award Winner

ENR Year In Construction Photo Contest

I was honored to be chosen twice out of thousands of other top construction photos and photographers for the 2020, 2022, and 2023 annual contest for construction images.

Find Something Special

Curated amazing photo prints, unique perspectives, strong compositions, and attention to details.

Top surf photographer Daniel Mekis captures the waves during dredging at Ocean City, New Jersey

Are You Ready To Start A New Surf or Construction Photography Project?

Let’s collaborate and bring your vision to life. Reach out and let’s start the conversation.

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