Daniel Mekis self portrait photo at Salt Lake Utah

About Daniel Mekis

Daniel Mekis was born in Santa Cruz, California and his photography has been enjoyed by family, friends, and co-workers. He enjoys shooting nature, surf, construction, and anywhere where there may be a good photo.

To order prints or to request Daniel to photograph surf, work, or other events, contact him with the Contact form.

Welcome to Daniel Mekis Photography: Your Gateway to Construction, Surf, and Fine Art Photography

Hello! I’m Daniel, a fervent Photography Enthusiast and the creative force behind this dynamic website. I’ve crafted this space to be a treasure trove of knowledge for both surfers, construction folks, and photographers interested in construction photography, surf photography, and fine art photography.

Our Mission

My goal is simple yet ambitious: to empower and inspire photographers and photography lovers. Whether you’re a rookie in the world of surf photography or a seasoned professional in the fine art scene, this platform offers a plethora of resources, tips, and insights.

Who I am

I began photography while trying to take good photos of Opals. I cut and sold opal for several years, and it takes a lot of work to get good representative images of the gemstone. Later, I began to bring my camera to construction project sites, or to surf sessions. As time went on, I have honed my craft. I shoot both digital and film. A few years ago I began to work on some fine art photography as well. I enjoy learning about photography, carrying a camera with me, and talking to others who enjoy the art or those who enjoy the photos I have taken.

What This Site Offers

My Values

  1. Integrity: Stay assured of unbiased, accurate, and current information, all curated by industry experts.
  2. Creativity: Our platform is a haven for creative exploration, encouraging you to push boundaries and create awe-inspiring work.
  3. Community Spirit: I’m dedicated to fostering a supportive environment where learning, sharing, and growth are paramount.

Got questions, suggestions, or want to collaborate? I’m all ears! Your participation in this community is what makes this journey enriching.

Thank you for being a part of our vibrant community!