Surf picture of a surfer getting barreled in Ocean City New Jersey during dredging operation with construction equipment

Surf Picture Portfolio: The Art and Technique of Surf Photography by Daniel Mekis

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Why Surf Photography

Surf, Photography, Then Surf Some More

Surf photography is a dalliance between the unpredictable might of the sea and the quest for the perfect frame. It’s where skill meets serendipity under the sun, creating a canvas of ceaseless motion. Daniel Mekis plunges into this realm with a blend of passion and precision, producing images that echo the untamed spirit of the waves. His portfolio is a journey across oceans, each photograph a whisper of the wild, untamed symphony of surf. A surfer himself, Daniel often takes along a camera to get some shots while he checks for the best surf spot. The photos, people and waves he finds along the way are amazing.

Surf, Waves and the Stories In and Out of the Water


Explore photography of surfers, the waves they ride, and the moments outside of the water that shape the memories.

Capturing The Best Surf Photos

Surf photography is a realm where patience brews perfection. Every ripple could morph into a majestic wave, every surf a potential spectacle. Daniel’s surf portfolio is a testament to the art of anticipation. His frames capture not just the kinetic elegance of surfers but the primal poetry of the sea and the people who come to the coast to be a part of the story. The images evoke a dialogue between man and nature, a narrative punctuated by the roar of waves and the silence of skies.

Why Surf Photography?

Capturing the right moment in surf photography is a tricky task. It requires good timing, understanding the lighting, and knowing how the ocean behaves. It’s not just about having a fast camera, but also about knowing the rhythm of the waves. Daniel Mekis blends technical skills with his understanding of the surf to take pictures that show the energy and skill of the surfer, and the beauty of the sea. Through a mix of the right gear and instinct, Daniel’s images make fleeting surf moments last forever. Sharing the photos with the folks in the water is a great feeling, and a great way to get invited to the best spots for a session with the crews.