Surf picture of a surfer getting barreled in Ocean City New Jersey during dredging operation with construction equipment

Surf Photography Portfolio by Daniel Mekis

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Why Surf Photography

Surf, Photography, Then Surf Some More

Surf photography is a narrative between the unpredictable might of the sea and the quest for riding waves to glory. Even if a surfer falls, the photo might not reveal as much :-). Below are some photos where I plunge into this realm of taking surf photos with a blend of passion and precision, producing images that are great to share with others to tell how good a day or spot was. My portfolio is a journey across oceans, from the Pacific to the Atlantic. A surfer myself, I often takes along a camera to get some shots while I check for the best surf spot. The photos, people and waves I finds along the way are amazing.

Surf, Waves and the Stories In and Out of the Water


Explore photography of surfers, the waves they ride, and the moments outside of the water that shape the memories.

Capturing Great Surf Photos

Making great surf pictures is a bit of skill, a lot of patience, and many failures. Some waves dont really amount to anything, some guys fall, but then there are the times where everything comes together. My surf portfolio is a testament to the art of anticipation, colors, highlights, and fun. I attempt capture not just the kinetic elegance of surfers but the stories of the surfers with the sea. Surf photography is a fun way to capture one split second of a wave, and leave the viewer wondering if the person made the barrel, the turn, the air, etc. The hard part can be keeping up with what is going on at the different peaks, and what is happing on shore.

Why Surf Photography?

Surf photography is fun for me because I get to share photos with guys who are everyday to pro surfers. I meet great people, and get tips where the waves are best that day. Typically, I will shoot for an hour, and get a good perspective of what peak to sit at. Then I’ll put the camera down for a bit and go for a surf. I blend technical skills with a good understanding of the surf to take pictures that show the energy and skill of the surfer, and the beauty of the sea. Some of my photos lend themselves for great social media shares, sharing with friends and family, and some I would even suggest get into the art surf photography realm. Now… I just need someone to return the favor once in a while 🙂