Film photography in the forrest with Daniel Mekis using a Mamiya RB67 camera

Daniel Mekis’ Photography Portfolio

Welcome to the showcase of vision, precision, and passion. The Daniel Mekis Photography Portfolios are a triptych of creativity, where each collection—Construction, Surf, and Fine Art Photography—stands as a testament to the art of capturing moments that tell a story beyond words.

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Construction, Surf and Fine Art Photography


Explore photography of construction workers and site photos, surfing, and fine art photos from around the United States and the rest of the world.

Construction Photography

Delve into the world of Construction Photography, where the might of human ingenuity is frozen in time. These images are more than just photographs; they are a chronicle of progress, a celebration of structure and form. Witness towering skyscrapers, intricate frameworks, and the symphony of steel and concrete through a lens that captures not only the scale but the soul of construction.

Surf Photography

Ride the visual waves in the Surf Photography portfolio, a rhythmic collection that’s all about the synergy between the surfer and the sea. From the tranquil to the tumultuous, each frame is a burst of action, color, and emotion, capturing the raw power of the waves and the fluid grace of those who dance upon them. It’s a gallery that resonates with the pulse of the ocean and the thrill of the ride.

Fine Art Photography

Explore the realms of imagination with Fine Art Photography, where each piece is a dive into the depths of artistic expression. This portfolio is an eclectic mix, a boundary-pushing display where light, shadow, texture, and form converge to create images that linger in the mind long after the eye has moved on. It’s photography that transcends the ordinary, inviting viewers to interpret, feel, and connect.

Each portfolio is a unique narrative, an invitation to experience the world through the lens of Daniel Mekis. Whether it’s the structural ballet of construction, the adrenaline-fueled surf scenes, or the evocative landscapes of fine art, these collections are your gateway to diverse worlds, each with their own story, beauty, and emotion.